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Can I find my star using other apps?

We recommend using our 'Find My Star' app or our Star Register to view your star, as you’ll be able to use the reference number from the top of your certificate to easily find your star in our register and your star will also be clearly pointed out to you. If you would like to try locating your star using an app or website that hasn’t been developed by us, we would recommend using software that allows you to search for celestial bodies using their astronomical coordinates - these are the coordinates from the bottom of your certificate. The unique star reference number at the top of your certificate is for exclusive use in our registry, so you won’t be able to search for the star on other software using this. You may also be able to find your star in third-party software using your star’s scientific identifier. This is the code that scientific institutions such as NASA and the IAU use to identify your star. You can find your star’s scientific identifier by searching for this on the SIMBAD Star Catalogue using your star’s coordinates. We’re unfortunately not able to offer recommendations for specific third-party apps or software to use to locate your star and we’re unable to provide technical support or instructions for any software other than our own. If you’re experiencing an issue using an app or software that hasn’t been released by us, we’d recommend reaching out to its creators directly.

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Author: RyanT | Last Edited:  14 July 2022