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I can’t find my star in the Star Register!

If you've placed your order very recently and your star isn't showing in our Star Register, our system is most likely working to find you the perfect star to name! This is normally completed quickly so if you try again in a little while, your star will be showing in our register as expected. If your star documents have already been shipped or received and you're having trouble finding your star using our app, please check the following:

  • That you are searching for your star using our 'Find My Star' app, as you can only search using your star reference number on our app. You can find download links for this below.
  • That you are only entering the star reference number when searching for your star. This will be the 7-10 digit number at the top of your certificate - you don't need to enter your star name or the constellation.
  • That your star has been named through Star Name Registry - you will have received a certificate featuring our name and iconic gold seal if so.

If you are still not able to locate your star, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly support team with your star reference number or a photo of your certificate. We'll be able to take a look into this and provide a direct link to your star!

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Author: RyanT | Last Edited:  14 July 2022