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What is the Magnitude?

The magnitude of a star is a measure of how brightly it shines in the sky. A lower magnitude indicates a brighter and less common star. All of our stars have a magnitude of 14.000 or less, making them bright enough to be seen using a stargazing telescope.However, on our website, we offer three levels of brightness, each falling within specific magnitude ranges.

Standard star magnitude = 10.001 - 12.30 

  • Standard stars can be seen with a stargazing telescope, through our online register, or with our ‘Find my Star’ App. These are The least bright of our stars, but still captivating never the less.

Bright star magnitude = 10.001 - 11.00

  • Bright stars are brighter than the 'Standard' stars but not quite as radiant as the 'Extra Bright' stars. These stars are also visible with a stargazing telescope, through our online registry, or with our 'Find my Star' App.

Extra bright star magnitude = 6.654 - 10.419 

  • Extra bright stars are the brightest and rarest They can be seen with stargazing binoculars, a stargazing telescope, through our online registry, and using our 'Find my Star’ app. This is a truly premium upgrade for an out-of-this-world gift..

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Author: RyanT | Last Edited:  14 July 2022