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What is the Magnitude?

The magnitude number seen on your certificate determines how brightly your star is shining in the sky. The lower the magnitude of a star, the brighter and more uncommon the star is in the sky. All of our Standard Stars and Binary Stars have a magnitude of 14.000 or less, which means that they are bright enough to be seen using a stargazing telescope. Our Extra Bright Stars and Binary Stars with extra brightness selected have a magnitude of 10.000 or less, meaning that they’re brighter than our Standard Stars and can be seen using stargazing binoculars as well as a stargazing telescope. The Sun has a magnitude of -27, while a full moon has a typical magnitude of -13. The naked human eye can see stars that have a magnitude of less than 7.000, with the most stars seen from very dark, rural areas.

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Author: RyanT | Last Edited: 14 July 2022