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How do I use my Groupon

We've setup some FAQ's regarding the use of Groupon codes, please see here for more information using Groupon!

Will my star be visible?

Yes we only ever name real stars, you will need a telescope for most of the stars we name but some can be seen with the naked eye

When looking up at the sky it is advised to give your eyes a couple of minutes to adjust to the darkness.

What can I name my star?

You can name the star whatever you like (within reason) We will not accept any profanity or any trademarks.

Good examples of star names would be "Sophie Jones" or "My Darling Wife Sandra". It doesn't have to be an actual name.

How can I find my star?

There are many different ways to find your star. When you register a star name with us you will receive a link which shows the star to you online.

You can also use the star maps that we provide to help you locate it in the sky.

How long does delivery take?

We offer 1st Class (1-3 Working Days) delivery as standard with all of our orders, you can optionally select Next Day Delivery if ordered between 2:45PM Monday - Friday. This is Guaranteed to arrive before 1PM the following day for an extra cost.

Any order outside of the UK but inside of Europe is between 2-5 working days and the rest of the world 3-10 days. Email delivery is within 0-8 hours.

Who are Star Name Registry?

We are an independent star registry offering you the chance to name your very own star which is then entered onto the star registry.

We have already named over 17,000 stars and take pride in our excellent customer service.

What is a constellation?

A constellation is a group of stars forming a pattern that have a symbolic meaning. You may be familiar with the 12 zodiac star sign constellations.

There's another 76 constellations which all have different meanings.

How do I name a star?

To name a star just visit the homepage and choose your package. We have 6 Different packages that you can fully personalise.

All packages have free delivery.

What is the star deed?

The star deed is a certificate showing the stars name, location, your chosen date, personalised message and the constellation.

It's an a4 240gsm Certificate that undergoes two stages of printing to ensure authenticity.

What is the memorable date?

The registration date can be any date you like. It may be to represent a birthday, Christmas day or a date that goes back to when somebody was born.

There is no restrictions and can be any date that is personal to you.

Does the name last forever?

Yes the name is registered forever and any record is held securely and backed up accordingly. If you ever need replacement star deed(s) then you can contact us for more info.

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