What nobody ever told you about Sagittarius! The unbelievable story behind the constellation!

As the end of the year quickly approaches, the month of the Sagittarius begins. With the excitement of Christmas building up, the Sagittarius can go a little unappreciated on their birthday. There’s lots of ways to make them feel appreciated, if you name a star for them using our star registration service, it’s certainly one […]

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FTWW (Fair Treatment for the Women of Wales)

FTWW (Fair Treatment for the Women of Wales) is a Wales based charity with a focus on providing better health care treatment for women throughout the country.

Their primary concern is that in both the workplace and in amongst health care professionals that women’s symptoms and concerns are often dismissed as being ‘psychological’ in origin.

This can lead to delays in treatment which can take a needless physical and psychological toll on those affected. Their aim is to change this attitude and support women going through these circumstances.

You can find their website here