How to See the Hunters' Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse

A blue sky and mountains behind the tops of trees. A large full moon is in the sky with a shadow on the bottom part. Text in the centre says "The Meaning Behind the Hunters' Moon".

The Double Celestial Event of October 2023!

The universe above never fails to amaze us with its celestial beauty. Among the many mesmerising events, we have a double-feature this weekend with a Hunters' Moon and an accompanying partial lunar eclipse – these certainly stand out as celestial jewels in October's night sky. In this blog post, we'll be sharing all the details you need about the upcoming Hunters' Moon, lunar eclipse details, and how you can make the most of this magical night.

What Does a Hunters' Moon Mean?

The Hunters' Moon follows in the luminous footsteps of the Harvest Moon and is the name for the October full moon. Just as September’s Harvest Moon represents the start of the harvest season, the full moon this October, the Hunters’ Moon, symbolises the opportunity for the last hunt of the year, where tribes would gather meat before the cold winter months set in. As the years have passed, we have access to most foods all year round but the traditional name given by the Native Americans has continues to be the name for October’s full moon.

A gold-coloured full moon rising behind the blurry silhouette of trees.

What Date Is the Hunters' Moon?

The 2023 Hunters' Moon graces our skies on October 28th. It's a wondrous sight to behold, making the evening truly magical. Even though it's officially full on the 28th, you can still enjoy its radiant presence on the days leading up to and following this date, providing lots of moonlight on Halloween night at the end of the month.

What Happens During a Partial Lunar Eclipse?

Earlier this month, some countries were able to witness an amazing solar eclipse, with a partial lunar eclipse now following that. This happens when the Earth positions itself between the Sun and the Moon, blocking sunlight to the Moon’s surface, causing a partial eclipse. During this event, a portion of the Moon will take on a reddish hue. This amazing transformation occurs because Earth's atmosphere refutes the Sun's rays that manage to reach the Moon. The result is a subtle but awe-inspiring celestial display.

The charm of this autumnal lunar eclipse is magnified as it occurs during the evening hours. Not only this but Jupiter will be accompanying this celestial duo in the night sky and is visible to the naked eye, making this astronomical experience even more unmissable.

A graphic showing the path of the full moon as it enters the Earth's shadow. As it enters Earth's shadow, part of the grey full moon becomes orange. Text at the top says "28th October 2023, 21:14 BST".

What Time Is the Partial Lunar Eclipse Tonight?

Eclipse enthusiasts in Europe, Africa, most of Asia, and western Australia will be treated to a celestial show on October 28, 2023, where the red segment of the full Hunters’ Moon will be visible. The eclipse will begin from 7 pm BST with the most notable part occurring at exactly 9:14 pm BST, before fading back to normal just before 10 pm BST.

A map of the world with Europe, Asia and Africa bright and coloured and labelled visible. Australia and the Atlantic Ocean are darker and labelled "partially visible". Most of North America and the Pacific Ocean are darkly shaded and labelled "not visible".

Embrace the Night Sky!

So this October, don't miss the opportunity to witness the enchanting Hunters' Full Moon and a beautiful lunar eclipse. The night sky has a mystical way of reminding us of the immense beauty of the universe. Take these celestial events as your invitation to stargaze and appreciate the wonders above!

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The night sky is a canvas painted with stories and dreams, and with each twinkle, it invites us to explore, discover, and share its mysteries. Happy stargazing!