The Supernova Name A Star Gift Set

31st October 2019

As Christmas approaches, we have decided to treat all of our customers with the opportunity to name one of the rarest, brightest and most prestige stars in the night sky, the Supernova Star! Our brand new gift package is the 7th addition to our already popular name a star collection, but if you want to name one of these stars, you’re going to have to hurry! As mentioned above, these stars are rare and therefore we have a limited availability.

Our Supernova stars are only available to purchase in the Gift Set format, making them the perfect gift this Christmas. Our gift sets always make the ultimate impression when they are presented with the certificate already framed, information leaflets inside and presented in a luxurious black box with our branded logo, making them easy, educational and everlasting gifts.

We also have another brand new feature available, our ‘Find my star’ app! Available on Apple and Android, it makes finding your star in the night sky simple and ensures that you can view it any time of day without the need to go star gazing! Not only can you see an image of your star on the app, but you can even see the chemical makeup of your star! To download the app on Apple, click here. To download the app on Android, click here.

In addition to our Supernova Name A Star Gift Set, we also have 6 other packages available to suit every occasion and budget!

Standard Star - £14.99

Our standard star is our most basic package available but includes everything you need to name your very own star in the night sky!

Essential Gift Set - £39.99

Make your gift look the part by upgrading to our gift set option! Framed and supported by shock absorbent foam, it will really give that wow factor!

Extra Bright Star £27.99

For a brighter star, our extra bright star ensures that you can easily spot your star in the night sky with all the right equipment! Perfect for those extra bright stars in your life.

Extra Bright Star Gift Set £49.99

This is our best selling package for a reason! The Extra Bright Star combined with our luxurious gift box, it really gives the wow factor!

Binary Star £54.99

The Binary Star package is the perfect gift for couples, weddings, engagement gifts etc! A Binary is two stars that orbit each other and never leave each other!

Binary Star Gift Set £79.99

Really want to get the best wedding gift for the newlyweds in your life? Our Binary Star Gift Set is perfect to showcase the romantic symbolism behind the Binary Star while also looking the part!

All of our packages come with educational literature about the night sky to help you understand more about the night sky and the star that you named. In every package, regardless of type, you will receive an A3 star map, a confirmation letter, a constellations explained leaflet and our universe leaflet! In addition to the literature, you can add a few little extra’s into your gift to make the ultimate impression!

The Personalised Star Map £4.99

Our personalised star map is a projected map of the night sky with a bullseye showing exactly where in the night sky that your star is located! You will also get a digitised image of your star in the bottom right of your map, so you can see how beautiful your star really is!

Choose your own constellation £9.99

When naming your star on our website, you will have the opportunity to choose your own constellation. This means that you can choose the approximate location of your star in the night sky! All of the 88 constellations are available to choose from on our website and all have very different meanings, check out our constellations explained blog to help you choose a constellation for your star!

Additional certificates are also available on our website.

As you can see, there is a Name A Star package available for every occasion, so click here to name a star after someone today!