Shout Out - Noah's Ark Children's Hospital

24th October 2019

This week's amazing shout out goes to Noah's Ark. This charity's aim is to provide care and support to children suffering from chronic illnesses. Here is Wales, the charity worked tirelessly for 15 years and as a result the Noah's Ark hospital was created. This is a hospital designated specifically for children who deserve the best possible care and support and is one of the best children's hospitals in the world.

The charity raises funds for all sorts of things from vital medical equipment, to medical care and even fundraise for a team of play specialist to ensure the children are not only well looked after but enjoy their time at Noah’s Ark as best they can. This also ensures that the children who go through difficult procedures receive therapeutic care.

Recently the charity raised enough money (a staggering 1 million pounds) to open a neonatal intensive care unit for premature babies. This will not only save the lives of many premature and critically ill babies but also will support the parents going through this tragic ordeal.

During the time at the hospital the charity tries to make the stay as fun as possible and the patients there have weekly parent pamper sessions, visits from Nico, the therapy dog and glitter tattoos just to name a few. They even have Santa visiting for Christmas.

Some of the children spend little time at the hospital and may even be out in a few days but there are children who spend weeks, months or even there entire life at the hospital and this amazing charity makes that time there a little less painful for the children and a little less stressful for the parents.

If you would like to donate please click here