Binary Star Package

Binary Star

Name a binary star system and choose 1 or 2 names. We will enter the name into © and then send you the contents of your name a star package to you with all of your chosen details. However we do recommend taking a look at our framed and boxed version which really shows of the gift in its best light. 


The option to choose two names for you star name gift means the Binary star is perfect for anniversaries or weddings. Gift contains:

  • Entry into the registry.
  • A4 Star Name Deed.
  • The Sky Atlas Star Maps.
  • Confirmation letter.
  • Binary Star gift explained.

Standard delivery is FREE and takes 1-3 working days via Royal Mail's 1st Class Mail.

Next day delivery is Available for an additional cost of £6.99

For the quickest delivery pick email delivery, typically this take up to 12 working hours.