Give a gift that lasts forever! Name a star after your loved one.

20th March 2020

Jacqueline was literally "over the moon" after naming a star in her dad's memory!

"Purchased one of these in memory of my Dad on what would have been his 80th Birthday and I am over the moon with it. Very quick service too. Would highly recommend."

"I have ordered these for my sons and daughter, they were absolutely thrilled with them, their own star. They make perfect gifts for anyone. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. They are brilliant," confessed Lorraine excitedly.

These were just a few reactions of some of the customers of who were overjoyed about naming a star after their loved ones.

Not only do we love receiving unique presents, we also love buying and gifting them to our loved ones. And what can be better than naming a star after someone you love and giving a gift that lasts forever!

Still wondering why you should name a star after someone?

Human beings have been naming stars for ages. The act of naming a star in someone's name or memory is a very popular gift idea worldwide, and many celebrities from across the globe have also been gifted with a star in their name. You can name a star to commemorate an occasion or event—a birthday, a wedding day, the first day you met your beloved, a birth or a passing. There are services that will let you name a star in the sky after your favourite person. You can commemorate a special day to the life of an amazing person!

Write your loved one’s name in space!

The process of how to name a star after someone is very simple. Choose a name for your star; it could be anything and in any language. After the name, choose the constellation which you want your star to be a part of.

Now dedicate a message to your loved one and also mention the special occasion. You can opt to send an email to the recipient in question, which will notify them of their new possession—their very own star! The database assigns the name you choose to a unique star in the sky. Stars will never be named twice in our star register, meaning your star is unique.

Once a star is registered in someone's name, there are a few documents that accompany the gift. The relevant items that arrive in the gift package, include a personalized gift message, a sky map and several booklets that help the owner identify their own star in the sky.

The gift pack also contains information, such as location of the star that has been named after your loved one and its coordinates. You can also choose to add a star map to the gift package, which will help the owner to identify their star in the sky.

A unique and original gift

Over the ages, humans have loved showing their favourite people how much they care with a truly thoughtful gift. Make your special someone the centre of your universe—gift a real star from the sky to them.

What could be a more perfect way of showing them how much you adore and love them?