Alternative Easter Gifts

27th March 2020

With Easter coming up and many of us being in isolation, it begs the question, “What can I get my partner/my children/my siblings/any family member for Easter?”. The shops are closed, restaurants and deliveries are limited. While chocolate Easter Eggs are the traditional gift for those of all ages (I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate?!), sometimes it’s good to go a little extra for the Easter celebrations, after all, Easter is known as being the perfect time of year for new beginnings and fresh starts as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus following his crucifixion.

Name a Star

Here at Star-Name-Registry, we believe naming stars is not limited to astronomers and the IAU, we have developed our own private database to give everyone the opportunity to name a star after a loved one, a friend, a pet, anyone! All our packages include entry into the registry with various literature pieces to educate you further on the night sky and the process of naming a star. Naming a star is the perfect for all occasions, Christmas gifts, Birthday gifts, Wedding gift or Wedding favours, Christening gifts and even Easter gifts, the perfect alternative gift to the traditional Easter Eggs.

The perfect Name A Star Easter Gift!

Now that you have decided to name a star after someone this Easter, it is time to get into the fine details like what package do I choose and what constellation is the best fit for this gift? We have 6 different packages available and so there is a package to suit every need as well as any budget.

Name A Star Packages –

  • Standard Star – Everything you need to name a star after someone.
  • Extra Bright Star – Find your star with ease with our brightest star available.
  • Binary Star – Name two stars, the perfect gift for couples or siblings.
  • Essential Gift Set – Make your gift look the part with our beautiful gift sets.
  • Vivid Gift Set – Our best seller for a reason, the perfect name a star experience.
  • Duo Gift Set – Name two stars and WOW the recipient with the perfect gift set!

Once you have chosen your packages, you have a variety of different additional extra’s to add onto your package to ensure that your package is completely personalised to you and the gift recipient. One of the many additional extras that the majority of our customers like to customise is the constellation. We offer all of our customers the chance to choose the constellation on their name a star gift, which will determine where the star is located and when it can be seen throughout the year. For more information on constellations, view our web page explaining the different Zodiac constellations and also constellations for different occasions!

Choose the perfect constellation for your Name A Star Easter Gift

As it is Easter, I guess it is only appropriate to include a little guide on constellations suitable for an Easter gift. Naturally, when you first think of Easter, new life and animals come to mind, so keep reading for more on constellations that will make your name a star Easter gift perfect.

  1. Lepus – The Hare.

    Lepus is constellation just below the celestial equator and can be visible from the Northern Hemisphere in the winter months! Lepus is the perfect constellation for Easter as it represents the Hare, a type of rabbit and what is one of the first things that come to mind when you think of Easter?! The Easter Bunny!

  2. Cygnus – The Swan.

    Cygnus is a Northern hemisphere constellation that lies on the plane of the Milky Way. If you are located in the Northern hemisphere, Cygnus can be seen in the Summer and Autumn months and is easily spotted thanks to being one of the most recognisable constellations due to featuring the prominent asterism, the Northern Cross! Again, this constellation is perfect for Easter as Cygnus represents the Swan, one of the purest and most beautiful animals.

  3. Ursa Major – The Big Dipper / Big Bear

    The Big Dipper is one of the most popular constellations for those in the Northern Hemisphere thanks to its distinctive shape and bright stars while being circumpolar, which means that it can be seen in the sky throughout the entire year. It is especially prominent in the Spring / Easter months with prime visibility being approximately 9pm throughout the month of April.

  4. Ursa Minor – The Little Dipper / Litter Bear

    The Little Dipper is offspring to the Big Dipper, making it the PERFECT constellation for Easter. Easter is all about new life, new beginnings and purity. When you think of Easter, I am sure that not only does the story of Jesus’ resurrection come to mind, but the image of bunnies, chicks and all things babies come to mind! Just like the Big Dipper, Ursa Minor is also a circumpolar constellation that can be seen all throughout the year!

Now that you have all the info you need to name a star after someone, what are you waiting for?! Despite all that is happening right now, we are still operating as normal to ensure that all of our customers can still WOW their loved ones this Easter. Worried about post getting to you? We also have our PDF versions of all our stars! Head over to our website now to name a star after someone special this Easter.

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