Should I Name a Star After Someone? | Star Name Registry

9th April 2020

Natural elements have always featured heavily in classic literature and romantic poetry. Lakes glistening in the moonlight, the gentle drops of rain against a windowpane and thick layers of snow painting fields white evoke special feelings in us.

These natural phenomena encourage us to stand still for a moment, to become aware of the beauty that surrounds us and the many thoughts and sentiments it inspires in us.

Just look at the swirling emotion in Van Gogh’s Starry Night – what a starry night it must have been to inspire such an intensely beautiful, energetic piece of art. What did the stars move in him that night?

Did he relish in their company or did they steer his mind elsewhere, toward a distant lover or a flourishing romance, perhaps? It wouldn’t be all that strange considering stars share so many characteristics with the people we love.

When we see them twinkling in the night sky, it’s easy for our minds to take us back to the last time we saw our partner’s eyes sparkling with joy and laughter. When we look up at them on lonely nights, we think of our friends in the distance, looking up at the same stars.

We might even focus on one, specific star – the one that shines the brightest, the one our eyes immediately connect with, every time we look up at the sky – for comfort or other reasons personal to us.

A Unique Gift from Mother Nature

If you keep on meditating on that same star and it brings up certain sensations in you, you might consider sharing this unique gift from mother nature with someone else. Does this star’s soothing light make you think of anyone in particular?

You may not be able to pluck a star from the sky, the way so many poets have wanted to do over the years, but you could name it after someone that means the world and the galaxy to you.

Stars have always been a guiding light in our lives and for various reasons. Some of us feel strong personal connections to the stars, the way a Cancerian might be drawn to water and the Aries to earth.

Giving the star that is most significant to you a name – be it a person’s name or a term that means something to you and a loved one – can deepen this connection. It adds another dimension to the experience you have when you look to it for guidance, beauty and solace.

This can be incredibly consoling when mourning the loss or struggling with the absence of a loved one. It provides a sense of closeness and security that enhances the feeling of being watched over by someone, or the idea of looking to the same star as the person we miss so much.

It is often when we feel alone that we most seek this feeling of solidarity, something to turn to for unconditional presence and guidance. You can’t always see them, but stars are always there – your star is always there. And naming a star after someone can intensify this knowledge.

Stars Shining Bright Above You

There’s nothing more gratifying and soul-warming than laying back in your backyard on a mild night and staring up at the canvass that is the sky, lit up by those millions of gleaming lights spotlighting nature’s most mesmerizing display.

These moments become even more satisfying when the experience is personalized by naming a star to turn to as a point of reference, a bright beacon to return to whenever you’re thinking of someone special. And it’s equally touching to share these moments with someone else.

Afterall, there’s no gesture more romantic, more evident of true and everlasting love, than naming a star after someone important to you.