Should you name a star for Valentine’s Day?

1st February 2017


Nowadays it’s very difficult to think of something a bit different to get for your other half; the cliché of buying roses, chocolates and jewelry just seems to a bit, well old. These gifts might well bring a smile to their face but there is no sense of originality within the gift.

With buying a star for someone you can almost be certain they won’t have a star named after them and with the various gift sets we offer, you really can make this Valentines gift unique, and with our competitive prices it will most likely cost you a lot less!

The only disadvantage with naming a star from any company is of course, it isn’t recognised by any scientific body, however the stars named with us are recognised by us and our overseas partners as your star, but anyway, the receiver isn’t going to read into it that much, right?

Ultimately the final answer to the question is yes, if you’re wanting to amaze your other half on Valentine’s day and really give them something different and meaningful, then why not buy them a star?