Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas

30th January 2017


1) Ice skating. Go out for an hour skating at one of the many rinks popping up across the country. There’s not a lot that’s more romantic than skating around hand in hand. Make sure to grab a hot chocolate together afterwards to complete the experience.

2) Homemade meal. This may be a bit of a cliché but making your partner a homemade dinner can be a beautiful gesture. Whether you a great cook or not this will really show them how much you care.

3) Go on a romantic picnic together.

4) Send them a short, sweet text or email

5)Watch old Hollywood films. Don’t bother with modern rom-coms and see romance how it’s meant to be done! Check out “Casablanca”, “Gone with the Wind” and “An Officer and A Gentleman”

6) Write a beautiful love letter. This one is pretty self-explanatory, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to put your thoughts onto paper and let your loved one know how much they mean to you.

7)  Go stargazing together. Take a load of blankets, warm drinks and gaze up at the night sky together. There’s nothing more romantic in our opinion!

8) Get them a framed photo of you both together.