Valentine Day Ideas for 2022 - Valentine's Gifts for Her or Him!

2nd February 2022

Thinking of fun and romantic Valentine’s Day ideas can be really difficult! Especially now as the majority of us spent Valentine's Day 2021 in lockdown. Of course, though, after the rapid increase of online dating in the last couple of years, there has been an increase in long-distance relationships. This means that not only are people trying to find more affordable activities after the pandemic but also some are still searching for virtual Valentine’s Day ideas that are enjoyable and worth it!

Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him or Her

We’ve all been there. You want to have a romantic day with your boyfriend/girlfriend but how do you think of something different or unique? Luckily, we have some ideas for you!

Let’s start with some activities. Thinking of things to do on Valentine’s Day is understandably complicated. You have to make sure it's something the both of you will enjoy, as well as something that isn’t too busy or generic. So, how about a visit to a board game cafe or bar? They’re usually a more relaxed vibe, and can either be a drinking or non-drinking activity! If you want something more upbeat, an escape room or go-karting day could be the one for you. Nothing like a bit of healthy competition and adrenaline to set the romantic mood right?

Okay, so we have an activity idea but what about the gifts… everyone’s favourite part, right? Google searching valentine’s gifts for him is just listing things he already has? Well, what about a Real Starry Sky Star Map from Maps For Moments? These give an accurate interpretation of the night sky at any date - past, present or future! In fact, this could even be the perfect valentine’s gift for her, too! If your partner doesn’t have the wall space for a star map then a sun lamp could be an alternative. These offer a cosy atmosphere to any room they're in!

At-Home Valentine’s Day Ideas

Don’t feel like going out for this year’s Valentine’s Day? That’s okay! There are plenty of fun activities you can do from the comfort of your own home. Adding some Valentine’s Day decorations can help set the scene, for example! Light some candles or hang some Valentine's Day balloons and enjoy a romantic meal. Even, cooking the meal with your partner beforehand could be a fun romantic activity (or it could be a disaster, but that’s up to you!). So, you have finished your meal and the stress of finally exchanging your gifts begins. How do you choose a gift that is unique and romantic? Well, how about an Extra Bright Star Gift Set from our ‘Name a Star’ product range? After your name a star with us, you’ll be able to view the star at any time via our Star Finder app! You can’t deny the meaning which lies behind our products.

Virtual Valentine Day’s Ideas

Right, so you’ve met your partner online but unfortunately, you’re unable to see each other this Valentine’s Day… What kind of fun activities can you do virtually? Are you and your partner fans of gaming? Jackbox games could definitely be an option if that’s the case! With Jackbox games, you’re able to play simple but enjoyable games together online. In fact, fancy a double (or triple) date online? Then this can be an option for that. There’s also the arguably simple idea of a movie date online but if you’re both movie-obsessed then this is perfect.

The next thing to think about is, of course, the romantic gift for your (virtual) Valentine’s date. An obvious part of Valentine’s Day which is missing while doing it online could be the giving and receiving of gifts but, we have a solution for this. Not only is it really easy to send to your Valentine directly from our website but you can even customise the gift online together. Our Gift Tin gives you the option to order a Standard Gift Set but it also gives the recipient control over the customisation of it through entering the gift code online and following the instructions. This could also be an activity to do together as you could easily share your screen (cries in corporate) and fill in the options together! There’s even the option of buying two gift tins for both of you to customise a star for each other!

We hope some of our ideas have helped you somewhat form a plan for this year’s Valentine's Day. Simply adding some Valentine’s Day decor can really help with setting the mood if you’re celebrating at home but going for a romantic valentine’s meal at a restaurant is always an option too! If you’re unable to think of a single gift for your partner, a mixture of smaller gifts in a Valentine’s hamper might be the answer. This way your valentine will have multiple gifts to open! Of course, you can never forget Valentine's Day flowers with some romantic Valentine’s roses… who doesn’t love fresh flowers! Remember, though, your ideal Valentine’s Day may differ from others and that is fine! We all have our preferences but we hope our Valentine's Day ideas can offer some direction. We hope you enjoy Valentine’s Day 2022! Love from all of us at Star Name Registry.