Top five star-themed room decorations

22nd March 2021

For those of us who are completely star-crazed, it sometimes seems like we just can’t get enough of surrounding ourselves with space-themed decor. If you’re one of these people, you’re in luck! Here are our top-five suggestions to make any room sparkle and shine like you’re sleeping in the centre of the cosmos.

Constellation lamp

One of the simplest additions you can make to a room is purchasing a constellation lamp. Each and every time you switch it on, the tiny, carefully placed holes around the sides project a constellation onto the walls around you.This means that however cloudy the outside sky might be, you can always appreciate the presence of the stars above, and for a brief moment each day feel like you’re at the centre of your own universe.

Glow-in-the-dark space paintings

A really extraordinary idea to create the perfect space-themed room is to include colourful and extravagant space murals along your walls. You can either search for the perfect wallpaper or paintings or purchase glow-in-the-dark paint and have fun creating them yourself! Whichever you decide, this is sure to add a very unique touch to the room, making it feel like the vivid illustrations are an even bigger part of your world.

Solar system marble set

Lining up a set of colourful marbles for each planet in our solar system creates a cool display for any room. Most sets come with a handy magnetic stand to keep them fixed in place, but they can also be used for an actual game of marbles (although it’ll be an interstellar version of the original). Just make sure to be careful, because when planets collide it usually ends in disaster.

Constellation map globe

What better way is there to study the constellations and explore the intricacies of the sky above than with a globe? This dark mysterious sphere makes a great feature to add to any room and serves as a great way to familiarise yourself with the structure and layout of the stars. There’s also the fact that it looks intriguing and serves as an education talking point for any guests.

Galaxy blinds

It might be a helpful idea to invest in some blackout blinds - especially if you make sure they’re galaxy themed! Fitting them into the style of your room is a must and will enhance any glow-in-the-dark features you might already have. They also have the added benefit of significantly improving your sleep quality, leaving you with more time to dream about travelling through space and time itself.

Wondering what the final touch is to the perfect space-themed design? You can purchase an extra bright star gift set and take pride in knowing that you too now have a special connection with the vast night sky above.