4th May 2018

May the 4th be with you! Happy Star Wars day everyone. We hope you’re all having a good time celebrating! Whether you’re a casual fan or a huge Star Wars Nerd, you can get a lot out of celebrating this pun-tastic date!

Here at Star Name Registry, where we take the art of star registration seriously, it should surprise nobody what we’re big Star Wars fans! So, we’ve decided to count down our top 20 Star Wars Characters! Who knows, if you’re still struggling to name a star, dedicate a star, or register a star with the perfect name, you might find it here on this list.

Whatever name you end up choosing for your ‘name a star’ gift, we hope you enjoy the list! Let us know if you agree or disagree!

20) Jar Jar Binks

… wait! Hear us out! Everybody is aware that Jar Jar is a somewhat, (ahem) controversial figure in Star Wars mythology. However, at this point, he’s certainly embedded himself into the popular consciousness. Aside from the fact that he is often regarded by his in-universe peers (and audiences alike) as clumsy and annoying that doesn’t take away from his inherently caring and helpful nature. Fundamentally, the character was created with good intentions which amount to the idea that even if a person is perceived as annoying and stupid, they can still have intrinsic value. Jar Jar embodies that good intention however poorly it was executed.

19) Obi-Wan Kenobi

If you are watching the Star Wars films in the original order in which they were made, the first Jedi Knight you ever saw on screen was Obi-Wan Kenobi. Both Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor play the Jedi Knight with depth and charm the ensures he’ll be forever remembered. Throughout the Star Wars Saga, the audience sees him change from a headstrong young man to a wise and revered teacher.

18) Grand Moff Tarkin

Peter Cushing was already a well-known face from the Hammer films before his performance as Imperial Officer Grand-Moff Tarkin. A constant chilled stare and sharp authoritative tones that remind the audience of an old-school British Colonialist, Tarkin functions as not just a secondary villain to Darth Vader but also as something of a foil to him as well.

17) Chirrut

Rogue One was not a good film (well, debatable; it actually closed many holes between the 2 original trilogies). However, there is some solace that one of the new characters it introduced was Chirrut. He’s the most memorable outcast in the ragtag team who endeavour to find the Death Star plans. The Chinese born actor Donnie Yen helps elevate what was essentially a one-note character into an enjoyable and engaging figure.

16) Admiral Akbar

Never has a character been so Iconic for just one line. Yes, Admiral, it was indeed a Trap.

15) Mace Windu

“Pass me my Lightsaber”

“Which one?”

“The one that says Bad Mr”

14) Palpatine

There have been many great villains over the years, but few have relished in their evil as much Palpatine has. In the original films, he was a shadowy figure, the ultimate ruler behind the scenes. Unlike Vader who is offered redemption for his heinous crimes, Palpatine gets no such offering. Instead, he just loves being evil and doing evil things – and sometimes those kinds of villains make for the most fun! Provided they’re performed well of course.

13) Count Dooku

Having Christopher Lee star in the prequel trilogy makes for a great homage considering his long-time Hammer colleague Peter Cushing played Grand Moff Tarkin. As both Sith Lord and high nobility, he adds a layer of intrigue to the politics that surround the emerging conflict that is the Clone Wars.

12) Lando Calrissian

The coolest man in the galaxy. Lando succeeds in being not just a great character in his own right but manages to usurp Han Solo himself in charisma and suave. Billy Dee Williams manages to pull off what effectively is a rather shallow character and make him engaging and likeable. Here’s hoping Donald Glover can match what’s come before.

11) Han Solo

This doesn’t even need an explanation. It’s Han Solo. Maybe we Lando isn’t cooler than him after all…

10) Qui Gon Jin

Qui Gon appears briefly, yet it’s his decisions in the very first Star Wars film that ripples out through the whole saga. Before Liam Neeson became known as a ‘badass’ action star, this is one of his more sombre and calm characters.

9) Grand Admiral Thrawn

Grand Admiral Thrawn is a figure who is more associated with the Star Wars books than films, but he gets a mention here simply due to how popular he is within the Star Wars fandom. He is elevated to the rank of Grand Admiral, even though he’s not human (it’s established that the Empire deliberately excludes all non-human from galactic service) and ends up leading the Empire after it has fallen.

8) Luke Skywalker

It was the trials of Luke Skywalker that first gripped the audience when we first saw him struggle against the Empire. From a New Hope to the Last Jedi, we see him grow from idealistic young rebel to a cynical and alienated former (and arguably failed) Jedi.

7) Darth Maul

Red tattoos covering his face. Horns protruding from his skull. His name, derived from a blunt medieval weapon, Darth Maul leaves quite an impact. While there is not much to him, he certainly serves as a sinister introduction to the Sith Lords who would plague the galaxy.

6) Leia Organa

Fantasy stories have for years had a princess archetype – a damsel who needs to be recused. While Leia does need rescuing, she is certainly no damsel. Throughout the films, right up till the Last Jedi, we get see how grew into a complex military commander.

5) R2D2

Saving the day in more ways than can be counted, R2D2 serves as both plot point and comic relief. In all these films his almost childlike demeanour relaxes much of the tension of some of the more extreme parts of the star wars films.

4) Chewbacca

Not a word ever said, yet with nothing but body language and few well-dubbed roars and growls, Chewbacca became a fully fleshed out figure. Brave, loyal, and impossible not to love, you’d really have to have gone to the dark side to not love Chewbacca.

3) Kylo Ren

When making the new Star Wars films, the makers must have been faced with an impossible pressure to measure up to the original films. The genius of Kylo Ren lies in the fact that he embodies this very anxiety and measures himself up to the impossible standard of someone who came before.

2) Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader

Perhaps the most iconic villain to ever grace cinema. If seen in the original context, he goes from unredeemable bad guy to a tragic figure. The prequel films then focus on an interesting aspect of this, asking how a good person can become an authoritarian fascist and justify mass killing.

1) Master Yoda

THE Jedi Master. From his unusual manner of speaking to his Eastern-inspired philosophy Yoda is a paragon of wisdom for not just the Star Wars characters, but for the audience as well. Seeing him on screen is a delight, whether he is Puppet or CGI.

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