Superstar quiz time!

6th March 2021

This quiz is great whether you’re a teacher looking to test your students or you’re simply looking for a new quiz to test your own astronomy knowledge!

Answers at the bottom so no peeking! Good luck and be sure to let us know your scores.

If you’re stuck, many of the answers are in our blogs so take a look here for a little clue or two.

1. When is the best time of year to stargaze?
a) During a New Moon
b) At Christmas
c) Before and after a New Moon.

2. Our neighbouring galaxy is called Andromeda
True or False

3. What is the star Polaris best known for?
a) It’s the 3rd brightest star in the night sky
b) It’s our North star
c) It’s a different colour to other stars

4. How old is the Sun?
a) 25.3 million years
b) 3.2 billion years
c) 4.6 billion years

5. What are different configurations of stars called?
a) Constellations
b) Galaxies
c) Supernovas

6. Light pollution can cause the stars to look faded.
True False

7. The Ram is the symbol for which constellation?
a) Libra
b) Aries
c) Taurus

8. How many official constellations of stars are there currently?
a) 88
b) 27
c) 106

And the results are in - check out the correct answers below:

  1. C - Before and after a New Moon.
  2. A - True
  3. B - It’s our North Star
  4. C - 4.6 Billion
  5. A - Constellations
  6. A - True
  7. B - Aries
  8. A - 88

So how did you do? 1-4: Amateur Astronaut 5-6: Superstar Astronomer 7-8: Stargazing Guru

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