5th August 2020

Here at Star-Name-Registry, we are OBSESSED with space and the cosmos (if you couldn’t already tell) and we are always working on bringing new ideas to life for our customers that are at the heart of our universe. Which is why we have decided to introduce the all new Space Projector! Transform any room in your house into the milky way and admire the sheer beauty of the universe around you, from the comfort of your very own home!

What is the Space Projector? What does it do?

Do you want to transform any room in your home to an out of this world experience? Simply turn on your Space Projector light, place it in the centre of the room and enjoy exploring the universe around you! There are several features on the starlight projector to enhance your experience, for example you can change the background colour from blue, to red, to green and you can activate the music sensor which changes the projection to the beat of the music that you are playing!

The cosmic Space Projector gives you a new way to stargaze. Forget the confusing maps, checking the weather channel for clear skies, the heavy camping equipment, just charge up your space projector for room and sit back and relax while the universe surrounds you in the comfort of your own home.

Create the perfect ambience for any occasion, event or even just a relaxing night at home. Forget the usual nightlights and the boring lamps, transform your space INTO space! To purchase the brand new Space Projector by Star-Name-Registry, click here.