Shout out - Together for shorter lives

8th October 2019

Lyesha's Story

Recently we had an email from Rebecca, Lyesha’s mum, who explained her daughter was looking for raffle prizes for her charity event. Lyesha is doing an amazing job of fundraising for this spectacular charity after finding out she has made it through to the semi-finals of Miss Teen Great Britain and wanted to give a little back by fundraising off her own back and trying to raise money for such a wonderful cause! So, we had to help out. We also thought this charity deserved a shout out and here’s why!

Together for short lives, it is a charity that work with children living with life-limiting conditions and is there to support them and their families. The work this charity does is outstanding. Not only do they work with the families and support children with these conditions, but they work to support palliative care for the whole family and campaign on their behalf to change the lives of these vulnerable children.

"Too many families caring for seriously ill children struggle to get the care they need, and often face an unfair postcode lottery of support. That’s why we’re pressing government and policymakers to change things – so no family is left behind" 

Together for short lives solely relies on public donations and supports anyone who wants to individually organize events or fundraisers like Lyesha. The charity focuses on building strong palliative care, that is sustainable and consistent. They hope to influence policies so that families have easy access to services for their children in the sector. They also help to create care pathways for families, which means they advocate certain pathway for each individual family and help create a care plan so that the family is in full control of how they want their care plan to be. They work closely to support the journey from diagnostics all the way into bereavement.

Please help Lyesha by donating as little as you can to help support this amazing charity!