Shout out – Bullies Out

11th October 2019

This week we got the amazing chance to connect with this charity. Bullies Out. Says what it does on the tin. They work closely with schools to empower young children to take a stand against bullies, speak out whenever they can and deliver programmes aiming to help young children make a difference in their community. They also deliver training to parents and professionals as well as offering an E-mentoring service that is available regularly for victims of bullying. Not only does this charity work with schools and parents they also offer advise and support to businesses and professionals.

Bullies out also have a campaign running called ‘’Speak Out’’. This campaign is designed to connect with businesses and get them to display a speak out anti-bullying certificate in order to raise the issue of bullying and how different individuals may be affected by bullying in the workplace, weather this is harassment, cyber bullying, verbal bullying or physical bullying.

The charity run an amazing blog page too where you can check out all the information you need to know about anti-bullying, safeguarding and affects bullying has on mental health. Did you know that suicide is the third leading cause of death in young people and that victims of bully can be 2-9 times more likely to consider suicide? It’s also shocking to learn that half of young suicides In the UK are a result of bullying. These statistics are taken from

With these kinds of statistics can we really afford not to have charities like this who work tirelessly to empower children to speak out, promote anti-bullying and offer guidance and support in schools for this exact reason. Please help keep bullies out of schools and happy kids in the classroom by donating here: