Save our Stars

25th January 2021

There’s something quite magical when you’re out in the middle of nowhere, you look up and you see the stars in all their glory… so why do we not have the same effect when we see the night sky from home?

Quite simply, it’s because of light pollution!

What is light pollution?

Light pollution is basically artificial lights, which you can find in any town or city around the world - it creates an effect where the sky looks a little washed out, and fades those incredible stars.

It also interferes with:
Astronomy research - where scientists can get to grips with what’s really happening out in space

Ecosystems like nocturnal animals whose life cycles depend on the light and dark

Causes adverse health effects (stress, anxiety, fatigue and sleep disorders for example)

It uses up A LOT of precious energy.

Did you know that based on observations from the Suomi NPP satellite, a third of humankind cannot see the Milky Way? How much of a shame is that? To be deprived of something so naturally incredible?

Another study conducted in 2017 suggested that worldwide, light pollution increased by roughly 2% a year between 2012 and 2016…

What can we do?

“We lose something essential; we lose a part of ourselves when we lose access to the night sky. We lose that sense of stillness and awe that should be right over our heads every night.” - Amanda Gormley

Switch things off! If you leave a room, be sure to switch the lights off and especially during the day, keep those curtains open and work using natural light!

Brighten those stars

Let’s work together to brighten those stars and help you find the star you’ve named after a special someone.

Let’s switch off

We propose a national switch off once a week - an hour to breathe and star gaze. An hour to truly experience what the stars have to offer. We’re working on something a little special in regards to this, so stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated.

Would you like to create something a little extra incredible? Name a Star after a person, an event or even after yourself…