Make your own Constellation Pumpkin

27th October 2017


It’s pumpkin season! We’ll all be making our pumpkins ready for Halloween celebrations, but not all of us can carve them hollow! Either we don’t have the right tools or you might actually be allergic to pumpkin!

If so, you can still paint an image onto a pumpkin and it looks pretty good! Here are some quick tips to get you started!

Stage 1 –

Find yourself a pumpkin to start with! Then get yourself some acrylic paint and paint brushes. Draw the outline of your constellation! We chose Scorpius as it’s pretty easy outline to copy and it is still the astrological month of the scorpion.


Stage 2 –

Paint over the outline. On the stars fill them in. For the lines between the stars do little dashes so they stand out just enough to make out the shape of the constellation.

Stage 2

Stage 3 –

Name your constellation! If you’re good with stylised handwriting look up a font and copy style over to the pumpkin.

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 4

And Voila! As you can see the constellation only takes up one side, so you can add another to the opposite side. This is really quick and easy to make – it took us less than half an hour to get finished.

Let us know how your designs turn out! We’d love you to share them with us!