8th January 2018


Happy new year everyone! Whether you came to us to name a star over Christmas, or are looking to dedicate a star for someone for 2018 lets  take a moment to remember that for some 2018 brings very difficult challenges.

None more so than the young patients who will be checked into the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales. In thinking of these young people and their families who will go through this difficult period in their lives, today’s charity shout goes to LATCH.

LATCH offer support to families who’s children are admitted to Noah’s Ark Hospital with cancer related treatments.

Chemotherapy can last from six months to three years depending on the type – but even once the treatment is finished the follow up and regular check-ups mean that children can be under medical supervision for over 5 years.

AS you can imagine such a lengthy process takes a toll of everyone personally involved. LATCH, which was formed in 1982 has made it their mission to provide social and welfare support to ease help ease the financial and emotional burden placed on families with a child on treatment.

They have helped finance an onsite family accommodation unit in the hospital for parents to stay if they have far to travel to look after their children. Other services they provide include Social Work support, Financial Support through Grants, emotional support for parents & siblings and well advice for parents who may need to claim benefits.

They do great work for families going through such a difficult time.

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