How to write a heartfelt and impactful condolences card

17th March 2021

There comes a time in everyone’s life where you’re met with the difficult task of writing a sympathy card after someone close to you passes away. While it can be very hard to put exactly how you feel into words, there are a number of ways to make sure that your message truly touches hearts.

Plan out exactly what you want to say

When offering condolences after the death of someone close to you, there is often so much to be said. It can be hard to fit everything you want to say into such a small space - especially considering the sheer number of cards the bereaving will receive. Plan out the key messages you want to get across, whether this is a particular characteristic of the deceased, a positive memory you want to share, or something that just sums up their personality. By doing this, it’s less likely that something important you want to say will be left out.

Keep things positive

While feelings of overwhelming sadness are inevitable with any loss, it always helps to keep things as positive as possible. Use the condolences card as a way of remembering the best things about someone who has passed away, and aim to put smiles on faces. This is a surefire way of making sure they’re remembered for all the right reasons, and will continue to make others happy long after they’re gone.

Offer your support

Those closest to the deceased are likely to be greatly affected by the loss of their loved one, so it’s always helpful to let them know you’re there to support and care for them if and when they need it. Let them know they can reach out for any reason - whether this is for emotional support, or even for help with physical tasks that have now been made harder with their loss. Having someone there to rely on always makes the process of grief easier, and can help ease the burden of adjusting to loss.

Be careful with negative language

In testing times, it’s wise to avoid using harsh language like “death” or “died” to avoid bringing up negative feelings for those who are grieving. Whatever the circumstances of their passing, keep things focussed on the brightness of the future, rather than dwelling on the potentially grim details of the past.

Include a physical gift

Including a gift to accompany the condolences card can often speak volumes, especially alongside a sweet, sympathetic message. Sending a bouquet of flowers can even replace the card itself, and in some cases is the perfect way to share your emotions with a sentimental touch.

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