How to stargaze like a pro!

3rd March 2021

So, the sun has gone down and the stars are shining in all their glory - but how do you stargaze properly to ensure you see everything you want to see?

Good question! We’ve listed some ideas below for you to get set up for your perfect stargazing evening.

Check the calendar. Stargazing depends on your location and the time of year you’re looking. Ideally, the best time is before and after each New Moon. Natural moonlight washes out the light from most stars leaving only the brightest visible. A New Moon happens around 12 times a year. You can find out the dates of when they are by checking out a lunar calendar. We provided more info on WHEN to stargaze right here (link to blog)

Do your research. Do you know your Orion's Belt from your Taurus? It will really help you to know which stars you’re looking at and where in the sky to find them. Our blogs have tons of info on different constellations and names, so take a look. (link)

Download our app. If you’ve named a star, you can find all the details on it right here on our app. It will also help you to find it in the night sky whilst you’re stargazing (link to app)

Wrap up warm. Wear layers, lay down a blanket and take a flask of coffee to keep you awake and warmed up as you search the skies.

Time to look up. If you have a telescope or binoculars, that’s awesome and you’re sure to see some incredible sights. However, if you don’t, then that’s ok too! On a clear night and at the right time of the year, you’ll still be able to marvel at some spectacular sights of our universe.

Pick your location. If you’re heading out to your back garden then just be aware of light pollution, which can actually fade out some of the stars in the sky.Our best advice would be to head out to a dark sky park for some real stargazing adventures (post lockdown of course!). Luckily for you, we’ve written a series of blog posts on where to stargaze all over the country- take a look for yourself!

Now it’s time to create your own stargazing adventure! Complete it with your very own star! Name your star here and you’ll be all set for your next stargazing experience!