A Star For Every Occasion

17th March 2021

With so many special dates in our lives, it’s a lovely thought to know that each one can be celebrated forever with a star up in the sky. Whether the aim is to provide good fortune with a new job or simply to have a reassuring presence watch over someone you love from the night sky above - there’s a star for every special occasion.


They say ‘the highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage’. So why not extend this happiness beyond earth and into outer space? You can give the happy couple something extra special on their wedding day to accompany them through their ups and downs for the coming years. They can take pride in knowing that as long as that star burns bright in the dark sky that their bond can quite literally light up the world around them.


After a few years of hard work, dedication and perseverance, there’s no better way to celebrate someone close to you graduating than by registering a star in their name. Not only does it serve as a congratulations for their wonderful achievements, but also as a reminder that their determination will always pay off.

Starting a new job

What better feeling is there than getting a new job? You’re able to start afresh and surround yourself with new people. By registering a star to celebrate starting a new job, you can take pride in knowing that good fortune and happiness will be shimmering down over you from above, guiding you through each and every workday.

First day of school

Years before our young ones get to experience the thrill of graduating, they first get to go through the delights of school. New faces, exciting colours and an entire world of possibilities - for kids it can be an experience like no other. You can brighten up that little face even more by letting them know that their own tiny piece of the sky is theirs to enjoy. Year after year they can look up and know that while they might age and grow older, your love for them does too.

Do you have a special date coming up, that should be celebrated for the rest of time? Why not register a star for it today to truly mark the occasion.