What is the Star Name Registry Star Register?

29th May 2017

Find your Star in 8 EASY STEPS!

Here at Star Name Registry, we guarantee no Star Will ever be named twice. But that does lead to an interesting question on how we ensure that will never happen? That’s where our Interactive Star Register comes into play. It is a fully interactive online register that is fully visible to the public. Every star we have is listed here is fully integrated with google sky, NASA, and the ESA database so you get fully comprehensive information about your star! But how does it work? And are you able to find your star on our intergalactic star database even if you purchased years ago?<.p>

Find your Star today in 8 EASY STEPS!

  1. Visit our Star Registry Website
  2. Enter your reference number in the search box of the star database
  3. Your stars listing on the star database
  4. Share your star on our with all your friends on social media
  5. The Star Database is fully integrated with Google Sky!
  6. The Star Database also connect to Nasa Sky view
  7. Our Star Register also connects to ESO and gives you a snapshot of your star!
  8. Show off your Star with pride!

Step One - Visit our Star Register Website

The website for our Intergalactic Star Database is following URL: Star Name Registry

It is an international website. We’ve set the layout in a very simple way, so it’s easy to navigate even for someone who is not a heavy internet user.

Step Two - Enter your reference number in the search box of the Star Database

As shown in the image above, seven is the number of digits we have allocated for each star on our Star Register. If yours is not exactly seven, however, it should not be an issue and the search engine will find your star with no problem. If you’re having any issues we can certainly help. Get in touch with our Customer Service Teams and they can help you track down your star!

Step Three - The listing of your star on the database

Your star will then appear below! And it’s this that is the official proof that your star is on the registry where it will stay forever! Even if your certificate is damaged, so long as you have that reference number you will always be able to find your star. Even 100 years now your great grandchildren will be able to log on and find your star. But your experience on the registry does not stop there, there are more features to our Star Registry designed to enhance your experience!

Step Four - Share your Star online our with all your friends on Social Media

Yup, we have fully integrated our Star Database with a multitude of social media platforms.

It will generate an image and a link to your star will be generated automatically for you!

Step Five - The Star Database is fully integrated with Google Sky!

Now here comes the fun part. Because our Star Database is fully interlinked with google sky, you don’t need a telescope to locate where your star is in the sky! You can zoom in, zoom out, grab a screenshot and see where your star is in relation to the whole sky. If you’ve chosen a constellation for your star, you can see the outline of the constellation of where it lies.

Step Six- The Star Database also connect to Nasa Sky view

SkyView is a Virtual Observatory, generating images of any part of the sky at wavelengths from Radio to Gamma-Ray.

This website is mostly for the science and astronomy nerds out there as it gives spectrographic analysis and data about the star which can tell scientists a lot about it's properties.

If you know a scientist, they can use the information from this website to give you more amazing info about your star!

Step Seven - Our Star Register also connects to ESO and gives you a snapshot of your star!

The ESO achive gives a snapshot of your star, providing location information. It also comes with a picture of your star too, though it is highly pixelated.

Step Eight - Show off your Star with pride!

Then, all that's left to do with your star is display it in your home! It'll be great in any room in the house! If you're on Instagram, be sure to share a picture of it with us! Tag us @nameastar and if we love your picture we might showcase it ourselves!

Register A star With Star Name Registry

For those of you who don't have a star already, we have made the process of being added to our Intergalactic Star Database REALLY EASY! Just click on the image below to get started! It will take you to our best seller, the VIVID STAR GIFT SET! Don’t forget we have two different types of packages, which are our basic packages and our gift sets, and three different types of stars, which include the Standard, Extra Bright, and Binary. Have a look at our Gallery to decide which one best suits you! Don't be a stranger, we'd love to have you guys stay in touch with us! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.