Unique Gift Ideas for Christmas

5th December 2018

As Christmas is fast approaching, it is only fitting to start our Christmas Blog! Christmas can be stressful, from the planning to the decorating to the presents… But luckily, we have a few ideas for some unique, personal gifts for your loved ones that are guaranteed to pull some heart strings!

Star Name Registry

There is always that one person that is difficult to buy gifts for as they seem to have absolutely everything they could ever need… But do they have a star? It may sound impossible, but at Star-Name-Registry, naming a star couldn’t be easier! Naming a star after somebody has no limits; it could be a grand romantic gesture for a partner “I love you to your star and back”, an inspiring gift for the children in your life “Reach for your star” or even a special memorial gift for someone who needs comfort “Their light will always shine bright”. Naming a star is such a unique and beautiful notion of showing somebody how much they mean to you, no matter what the meaning is behind this gift, it brings all the enchantment and excitement of the universe to life. When you name a star at Star-Name-Registry.com, your entry will be added to the official Star Register, guaranteeing that no star can be named twice! Star-Name-Registry has a variety of different packages available, you can name a Standard Star, an Extra Bright Star and a Binary Star, there are also several different packaging ideas too! Head over to Star-Name-Registry now to have a look and see what is best for you!

Maps for Moments

Imagine being able to see how the stars aligned on one of the most special days of your life… Well now you can! A Star Map is again a unique, beautiful gift and amazing way to remember the good times, the special times, the most life-changing times. The map shows how the night sky looked at a specific time, on a specific day at a specific location and it can be personalised however you like at Maps for Momentsusing a simple, straightforward step by step process. Surprise your partner this Christmas with a poster of how the night sky looked on the day you met, your first date, your engagement or your wedding night! The maps come in a range of 5 colours, 3 sizes and a variety of other options that can be amended to look great in your own home, so you can even treat yourself! Every star map is independently calculated using the most reliable astrological formulas that have been extensively tested worldwide, so you know that your Star Map is perfectly accurate!

So, what are you waiting for?! Get gifting the perfect unique gifts for your loved ones!