The most original wedding gift for a couple: buy a binary star for eternity

Finding your soulmate is never easy – and when you’ve met a couple who have found one another and plan to tie the knot, how do you choose the best couple wedding gift to symbolise them both?

Buying gifts for one person is often complicated enough – when two people marry, which ideas do you go for then? What if you accidentally choose a wedding present that one half of this dream couple likes more than the other?

Wedding gifts are so complicated

There’s so much symbolism in wedding gifts, and even more so when you consider how marriage is different from one culture to the next. Considering how many people are travelling the world to find true love – whether they planned to do it that way or not – it’s surprising to think just how many different ways weddings get blessed by gift ideas in different cultures worldwide.

Of course, every culture in the world idealises the romantic notion of true love – and who could do anything but adore that? But if you consider how complicated wedding symbolism and etiquette is – with centuries of history behind it – it’s perfectly natural to feel as daunted as you are excited.

These marriage superstitions don’t always make a whole lot of sense either. Who would have thought that in England, seeing a spider on your wedding dress is good luck and you mustn’t shoo it away? Or that if it rains on your wedding day it’s a sign of good luck to come – even though it’s a nuisance to deal with during the photographs!

Even taking this symbolism into consideration, how well do you know the people you’re buying your couple wedding gift for? A lot of people simply don’t have time for superstitions these days, and might find your wedding presents less than appealing if they’re too rooted in the past.

Perhaps you need something timeless – a couple wedding gift idea that represents something that has been here far longer than any of us, and will continue to burn as brightly as the wedding superstars’ love for all eternity?

Naming a star – why is it the best gift idea for a wedding?

Nobody wants to choose the couple wedding gift idea that’s so cliche it gets a flat, polite smile and quietly tucked in a cupboard to be forgotten once the happy couple are back from their honeymoon.

However, when it comes to symbolism, impact and the promise of shining brightly together forever, what could be more romantic and wonderful than naming stars in our sky after the happy couple?

This isn’t strictly a single couple wedding gift idea either – we all know a couple with so much passion that even something as huge as a star would be argued over who owns the most of it!

Instead, choose a binary star couple wedding gift – twin stars in the sky that circle around one another like dancers in a vast velvety black night sky. Just like your wedded loved ones, they will circle and dance around one another, unable to ever let go for all of time.

The symbolism speaks for itself, but it’s also an incredibly unique couple wedding gift idea – and far more inventive than just another toaster!

A binary star system is a special phenomenon in our night sky where two stars are connected by orbit – if we had one in our own solar system, the sky of the Earth would have two suns. It might sound like science fiction, but it’s real, and they are out there – in any constellation you can imagine.

In fact, you can even choose to name binary stars in the star signs of the newlyweds as your couple wedding gift!

A binary star for a married couple – the perfect wedding gift for a couple

There are truly few couple wedding gift ideas out there that can offer so much so equally to a couple who have just got married and are ready to make their way in the world for the very first time.

Binary stars are beautiful and unique, just like soulmates and true love. While binary star astronomical scientists are discovering new breakthroughs every day – such as the fact that we on Earth have some of the most binary star systems around us in all the galaxy – the truth is that these beautiful points of light are as mysterious as the forces of love itself.

Pulled together by forces beyond anyone’s control, drawn to circle one another for the rest of time – it sounds just as whimsical, as magical and as appealing as the love stories that bring together that couples who know how to make marriage last a lifetime.

The stars are universal, and every culture recognises their significance and majesty. For tens of thousands of years, humanity has seen meaning and mythology in the stars above us, and the more we venture out to explore our galaxy, the more wonders they seem to bring us.

Similarly, marriage is about stepping out together into the unknown – seeming at first dark and impossible to understand, before shining a billion points of wonder at us from all directions.

What better couple wedding gift could there be to symbolise that you believe the married couple will last until the end of time than to name two dancing stars after them, woven into the heavens forever?

Sometimes the perfect couple wedding gift ideas are the ones all around us – perhaps literally! Rather than focusing on trivial symbolism and deciphering what the happy couple needs, why not instead give them a piece of the heavens to call their own for all their enriching days together?

When you’re ready to commit to naming the lights of the heavens themselves after these newlyweds, trust us to take care of the official documentation to make it happen. Give the ideal couple wedding gift, beautifully presented and marked in the night sky forever more – a wedding gift to treasure a lifetime.