A Flashmob in the Sky By James H

16th June 2021

The fresh, crisp summer air is a welcome refreshment from an hour after hour spent inside. I zip up my jacket, feeling the cosiness it brings as I stroll from the car. I’m heading for a lovely spot only a short drive away from my house. It’s just my girlfriend and I, a blanket, flask of hot chocolate, and a nice clear night free of clouds. And there above us is our reward…

At first, just a few of them, but after just a few moments of our eyes adjusting away from the bright lights of the cities, it’s like a flashmob in the sky. The twinkles of new stars dancing their way into view and before we know it, the dream is realised, a full starry night! Hundreds of precious guiding lights to another world revealed in wonder before us.

We’ve no astronomical background, nor special powers, but even we can see where groups of stars align into Constellations, where Ancient Greeks with their Stellar imaginations saw triumphant chariot riders, Lions, bears, or even the Twins of Gemini - my own star sign. And with glee, we even recognise the obvious shape of Ursa-Major, “The plough”, giving a reference from where we can try to name some other Constellations.

We’re lost in the precious magic and eternal beauty of the sky. Stars breathing light from even before we were born and promising to keep shining bright for millennia to come.

By the time we’re ready to leave, our eyes are gleaming and our hearts are filled. We’ve reconnected with something real and with memories lingering long in the stars.

Best of all, we can come back! All we need is a clear night and a little motivation. And what better motivation than finding your very own star, dear to you as a memory or special reminder.

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