Effects of climate change.

7th August 2017
  1. With no sea ice to lie on, Walruses gather on a beach in Alaska

  1. The change from the 20s to now is very noticeable on the Pedersen Glacier.

  1. The worsening of forest fires is due to the increase of droughts. The West of the USA is suffering particularly badly with this.

  1. This mineral line on Lake Mead in Arizona shows just how much water has been lost.![](4.jpg)
  2. The yellow line shows the yearly average for sea ice on the Antarctic, compared to how it actually was in September 2012 when the amount of ice hit an all-time low.

  1. The governments of the African Countries that stretch in a band along the southern edge of the Sahara Desert have formed a coalition to prevent further desertification of arable land.

  1. These bags of rocks have been placed to prevent further erosion of an embankment on the Ghoramara Islands. Over the last 25 years, over half of the landmass of these islands has disappeared due to rising sea levels.

  1. This flood reeked devastation in the Sichuan Province in Southern China, causing landslides and major transport disruption across the area. The rainfall that causes flash floods like this is going to become more common as the Planet’s temperature rises.

  1. These fish were thought to have been killed by raising water temperatures throughout the year. This kind of event affects everyone and every link in the food chain.

  1. The Great Barrier Reef is being bleached and killed off by increasing water temperatures and growing pollution levels.