St David's Day 2019

1st March 2019

St David’s Day is celebrated on the 1st of March in honour of St David. He is the Saint of all Saints to the Welsh and is known for being a celtic monk, abbot and bishop who set up many monasteries in Wales and Western England in the 6th century. There are many miraculous stories about St David, one of which being when he was preaching to a crowd and those at the back could not hear him so the laid a white handkerchief on the ground and when he stood on it, he rose into the sky so that everyone could hear him.

The date of the 1st of March is significant to the Saint David as it was the date that he passed, and in the 18th century it became a national festival for the Welsh. People celebrated by eating traditional welsh foods such as cawl and welsh rarebit, wearing the dragon as a pin, men would wear daffodils and leeks on their clothes and the women would dress up in traditional welsh dresses.

Is March the 1st a memorable date for your star and you are struggling to find a constellation to place the star? How about the constellation Draco to celebrate the day of the Welsh?!

Draco is circumpolar and is always visible in the Northern Hemisphere (meaning it is always visible from Wales!) It is the 8th largest constellation and the head of the dragon is made up of 4 stars, Beta, Gamme, Nu and Xi Draconis and it is located just north of the Hercules constellation. From there, the body of Draco winds through the sky with the tail lying in between Ursa Major (The big dipper) and Ursa Minor (The little dipper). In early October through to mid October, a meteor shower appears to come from Draco’s head, these are known as Draconids.

In Greek Mythology, Draco has been linked to several different dragons. One version is that the dragon Draco was slayed by Cadmus during his quest to find his sister, Europa who had been taken to Crete by Zeus. Another version was Draco was taken by the trail from the Athenian goddess Minerva and put into the sky during the battle for Mount Olympus. Christianity also identified Draco as the serpent who tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden.

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