Name A Star For A Birthday

8th June 2020

Why A Star Naming gift package for a birthday is the perfect surprise!

Few gifts make an impact as much as naming a star for that special someone. It marks a moment in eternity, crystalises the value another person has, and will impart a gift that will last a lifetime. In addition to being added to our fully interactive online Star Registry, the birthday star recipient receives a gift package that includes an Official Deed of Registration, extra information on the different type of stars, and a constellation Map of the Night Sky from both hemispheres!

But there are other reasons to name a star for a birthday! Here's a quick list of them to help make up your mind!

It will be a great Birthday Gift for Her or the perfect Birthday Gift for Him.

Trying to find that special gift for that special person in your life is no easy feat. And when their birthday is involved the search to find that perfect gift can be a struggle. Which is why if you’re looking to name a star for a birthday, and especially if it’s for a wife, a husband, a partner we might have you sorted! We already have a list of 10 reasons why it’s great for a partner!

For a birthday though, it will be extra special! What better way to showcase your affection for someone than by dedicating an eternal ball of light in the night sky to them?

Name a Star for a birthday for any age

Naming a birthday star is a unique and timeless gift that will resonate with all people, no matter how old they are! A birthday star for a 7-year-old is as special and unique to them as it is to a 70-year-old. For the older, it will give them space to reflect on what has been and for the younger, it will be shining light to drive them forward.

It might even be the perfect gift to get for a new-born baby.

You can add a personal message and memorable date to the deed!

Personalise this gift even more by adding a personal message! If you’re looking to ensure your plan to Name A Star For A Birthday goes down extra well, leaving a personal message is the best way to do it.

Also, you can add a memorable date. This does not affect anything about the star but will ensure your choice is extra special, considering you’re marking someone’s birthday.

Register A Star With Star Name Registry

Don’t forget we have two different types of packages, which are our basic packages and our gift sets, and three different types of stars, which include the Standard, Extra Bright, and Binary. Have a look at our Gallery to decide which one best suits you!

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