Make A Wish Foundation 🌠🌠

27th February 2020

This weekStar Name Registry have been working with John who fundraises for the Make A Wish foundation, a wonderful charity that helps makes terminally ill and sick children’s wishes come true!

Make A Wish is a UK charity but is also registered in the US and international so children all over the world are able to have their wishes granted.

Their strategy is to grant as many once in a lifetime wishes to children between 3-7. Weather it’s walking with Dinosaurs, going to Disney world or even having a bedroom make over. No wish is too big. The charity focuses on fundraising events and use the proceeds along with public donations to be able to grant these wishes and bring hope to children who feel like there is none.

To be able to ensure that the strategy succeeds they have a set of values they believe in –

  • ''Child Focus - Wish children are at the centre of what we do and always come first
  • Integrity - We are honest and treat everyone with respect
  • Excellence - We care and have the ambition to be outstanding in all that we do
  • Community - Collaboration with our #Wish makers will help us achieve our goals
  • Inspiration - Our creativity and passion are inspired by a child's imagination’’

Recently, the charity has launched a new initiative, where children who have had previous wishes granted can volunteer and help provide better Make A Wish services within the community. This not only provides valuable experience of how to go through the process of having a wish granted, it also promotes positivity and a sense of achievement to the volunteer.

Everyone can get involved weather it’s a small donation, organising a fundraising event or just volunteering your time. Every little helps. We have currently donated one of our star name gift tins to John who is bravely running the London Marathon 2020 for Make-A-Wish UK. This will be used to raise money for the charity. We wish John all the best and hope he raises lots of money. If you wish to donate to this charity please click below.

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