Our First Blog!

20th January 2016

Welcome to the brand new Star-Name-Registry blog!

This is the place where you'll be able to find all of our latest updates, exclusive offers and all of the latest space and astronomy related news!

We will be regularly posting about all of the things that get us excited us here at Star-Name-Registry, along with tips, advice and information on stargazing and astronomy. You will not miss out on any of our latest discounts or offers and we will be sure to keep you in the loop about all of the exciting plans that we have in store!

The Star-Name-Registry blog will benefit you if...

  • You want the latest news and updates from Star-Name-Registry
  • You want to read exciting and relevant news from the world of astronomy
  • You are an aspiring astronomer and want to learn all about astronomy and more
  • You want a space to discuss life, the universe and everything!
  • You want first, exclusive access to all of our amazing discounts and offers (we know this is the main reason you're here;) )

Thank you for visiting and reading and we look forward to keeping you informed on all things Star-Name-Registry!

Best regards,

Ellie, Social Media Manager