Gift Ideas for Gradutation

Graduation Gifts

Graduation season is approaching, people will soon be throwing their hats up in the air looking forward to their future... If you’re looking for a graduation gift, a star is the perfect gift to show how proud you are or how much you appreciate all the hard work that has been put into the last school year.


A graduation is one of the most special moments in a university student’s life. All their hard work suddenly comes to life. They did it. Graduation gifts can be difficult because no one wants to hand over a plain card or a cheque, you want it to be thoughtful and special, just like this day is to them. Naming a star after someone who is graduating is the perfect unique gift, after all, stars are associated with excellence from a young age. You can name a star anything you like, you could name it after the person who is graduating or you could name it after the class, to show that despite university coming to an end, a small part of their university life can always be looked up to as a motivational reminder. When you name a star with Star-Name-Registry, your star will be added to our star database and can be looked up on our official star register via

Maps for Moments

Maps for Moments are originally known for their beautiful maps of the Night Sky that is formulated with an exact location and date to show how the stars aligned on that night. You can even choose a date from the future to ensure that your gift arrives in time for graduation day! As mentioned with Star-Name-Registry, stars are associated with excellence, therefore a Star Map would be a perfect gift for those who are graduating so that you can show how much their hard work has paid off on their special day.

Another great, unique and personalised gift idea for graduation is the City Map from Maps for Moments. If the graduate travelled for University, you could get a personalised City Map of the city that they studied or even a Map of the campus that they stayed at during their time at University! The maps come in 4 different colour schemes, Blue and Black, White and Grey, White and Pink, Black and White meaning you can change up the colour depending on the personality of said graduate. This is also a great idea for those that are travelling away from home, a City Map of their hometown as a reminder of home, a little comfort if they ever start to feel homesick!