Constellations for Mother's Day

26th March 2019

Mothering Sunday is a religious holiday celebrated by Christians in the UK, Northern Ireland and other Anglophone countries. It is celebrated on the 4th Sunday in Lent, exactly 3 weeks before Easter Sunday. Mothering was once observed as a day where Christians would visit their ‘Mother Church’ (the church in which they were baptised or their local parish church), however it has now become a day of honouring mothers of children by giving them gifts.

The best Constellations for Mothers Day.

If you are thinking about buying a star in the sky for your mother this Mother’s day, you may be struggling to find a constellation that fits the theme. There are multiple constellations to choose from that have the perfect theme for registering a star for a special Mum.

  • Ursa Major – The ‘Great Bear’. This constellation is perfect for the mothers of the family as Ursa Major is known as the Great Bear who is always looking down on the smaller bear, ‘Ursa Minor’. Ursa Major is visible all year around in the Northern Hemisphere therefore it can be seen circumpolar above the mid-northern latitudes from the UK. This is the perfect constellation to dedicate a star to a special Mum.
  • Cassiopeia – The Queen. Many of us consider our parents as royalty, which is why Cassiopeia could be the perfect constellation to name a star for your mum! Cassiopeia was the most beautiful woman in Greek Mythology (according to herself) and her name is a Phoenician phrase which means “Rose Coloured Face”.

With the star packages on you have the option of the Name A Star Gift Box which is a luxury gift set that includes entry into the registry, the certificate, a wooden frame, the Night Sky Atlas, confirmation letter and the luxury black gift box.

So why not buy a star for your Mother this Mother’s Day?! A gift that will quite literally last a lifetime!