Aiden’s Charity

6th July 2017

When Aiden was born 13 years ago 4 months prematurely he wasn’t expected to live for 10 minutes. Beyond all the hopes of his medical team Aiden survived. Aiden was, however, left with severe Dystonic Athetoid Cerebral Palsy. This condition means that Aiden can’t move his limbs, is registered blind and has to endure painful muscle spasms.

Due to Aiden’s unique challenges he needs a lot of specialised equipment. The aim of Aiden’s Charity is to raise £35,000 over the next five years in order to fund this so Aiden can live a more comfortable life.

Aiden’s independence could be massively improved through the use of specially adapted computers. Access to this equipment will allow Aiden to access the education he needs, increasing his confidence and sense of personal achievement.

Despite of his difficulties Aiden is an incredibly happy, funny boy. Aiden loves cooking, plays table cricket with a disabled cricket team and is a member of the Eddie Stobart Spotters Club. Aiden is also a keen Harry Potter fan – his chair is made by a company called Dragon Mobility so Aiden is very proud to be a Dragon Rider like Harry.

This is a hugely important cause which is why we are highlighting it and contributing towards this fund. We hope you will be able to help this cause and keep Aiden smiling.