Binary Star Gift Set Package
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This is our Binary Star Gift Set

The binary name a star gift set is our best option when you want to name a star after 2 people. Presented in the most extravagant way to really show off the importance of this magical gift. If you want increased visibility then make your star extra bright and if you want it to be visible from India then pick a constellation visible from India such as Indus.


Pick two names for your name a star gift set and personalise the package with the details you want. Perfect for weddings and anniversaries. This gift set includes: 

  • Entry into the registry.
  • Locating via our New App.
  • A4 Star Name Deed.
  • The Sky Atlas star maps.
  • Confirmation letter.
  • A4 Wooden Certificate frame.
  • Black presentation box.
  • Binary Star gift explained.