Buying a Star!

So you 're looking at buying a star? You probably have loads of questions when you’re looking to buy a star for someone, so we thought we’d put this page together to help answer any questions!

How much is it to buy a star?

This is one of the key questions we get when looking to buy a star gift, so how much? Well it starts from just £14.99 for our basic star package and can go up over £70 if you’re looking to buy a star gift set with Binary stars! We aim to meet any budget and get the perfect star for every situation.

Then the big question of how to name a star?

Well we decided that it needed to be reinvented, simplified and that’s what we’ve done! We have a very simple 3 step method, check out our video below to see how it’s done! You just go to fill out your star details and complete your payment details.

How do I find the buy a star official site?

That’s another common one, the answer is pretty simple, there is no official site! Not even us, we don’t pretend to be! We simply offer the same novelty service to name a star that all other star naming companies do, we just do it better! We provide great customer service and a top quality product just check out our reviews – Trust pilot link, we are the best rated site in the star naming game!