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Buy a Star

Here at star name registry you can buy your very own star name. To buy a star simply choose a gift set below then you are free to customise it with your personalised details. When buying a star you will be asked for the star name that you would like to appear on the star deed certificate, a personalised date, personalised message and decide if you would like a bright or extra bright star in the sky. You receive free shipping around the UK and you can choose from any constellation at no extra charge. This will typically take between 1-3 business days.

Once you buy a star we offer full support to help you locate it in the sky. There is various tools which you can find on the find your star page, alternatively you can use our live chat console to speak to a member of staff straight away or use our free 0800 number. Buying a star is the perfect gift for any occasion making sure your not disappointed and have a gift that will shine on forever and ever. Buy a star gift and put your star name up high along with thousands of celebrities that have already named stars or had stars named after them.

Please see our selection of gift sets below. If you are looking to buy a star instantly and cannot wait for delivery then we have a great digital pack below which you can receive within 12 hours.

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