From Corona Borealis to Coronavirus Face Masks!

24th March 2020

Protective coronavirus face masks are the latest in practical fashion accessories. Whether stargazing at night or completing necessary daytime activities, sturdy, reusable, durable shielding coronavirus face masks are the newest essential in the new age.

Gazing the night skies in search of constellations or scanning for your deeded star has always been a relaxing nighttime activity even before the new age of isolation, quarantine and lockdowns because of the coronavirus.

The crown shaped constellation Corona Borealis, known as the northern crown was first catalogued by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century. At around the same time he recorded another constellation, the southern crown, which he named Corona Australis.

In the time of Ptolemy, it was exciting news that he had recorded the locations of the coronas. Nineteen centuries later the news is dominated by a novel corona. It is not centered in the mysterious crevices of the universe. This corona lurks within the infinite depths of the human body. It is the infamous, coronavirus responsible for the first pandemic of the modern age, COVID-19.

Personal Protection from Coronavirus

Over the centuries, cultures have used clothing as a beautifying accessory as well as practical protection. In the 2nd century, men and women used their shawls and veils to protect themselves from inhaling or swallowing grains of sand and dirt blowing in the wind.

The face protection that was used and needed changed along with the threats that were faced. The medieval knights protected their faces with metal masks to thwart the blows of swords and hatchets. The soldiers of WW1 tried to protect themselves from poison gas attacks. They began wetting cotton bandanas and fashioning a mask for their nose and mouth. Eventually they were supplied with gas masks that filtered out the poison and protected their lungs and health.

In every era throughout history, humankind has had to battle threats. Each time a new threat has arisen, an adaptive spirit led the way to develop new protections to meet the challenges. As surgery became a practiced discipline, the need to protect against infections from viruses and bacteria was recognized. This led to the innovation of personal protective equipment for doctors, nurses and the staff. From this need the surgical mask was invented.

In the beginning the surgical mask was a simple tightly woven cotton mask. It spaces between the fibers were small enough that viruses and bacteria could not penetrate the barrier. Continual research led the way to a series of improvements in the construction of the surgical mask. It was credited as a major advancement in preventing infections during surgeries.

The same concept of shielding the wearer from inhaling microscopic pathogens is behind the introduction of the personal protection Coronavirus Masks.

Reusable, Washable, Personal Coronavirus Facemasks

The newest innovation in protective fashion is here to meet the challenge of the times. You can buy a personal, reusable coronavirus face to increase your protection from the threat of COVID-19. Act now to begin protecting yourself from tiny breathable particles that affect your health.

The innovative fashionable protective coronavirus mask is currently available in 3 designs:

  • Quantum Face Mask Q-RES© - designed with protective filtration that filters the air before inhalation, it has a stretchy fit, is reusable and washable.
  • Quantum Face Mask Q-PLUS© - designed with an ultra-fine filter and a valve for smoother breathing. It also offers a snug fit for those that wear glasses along with an anti-condensation capability. This personal protective reusable, washable corona virus mask comes in two colors.
  • Quantum Face Mask PRO-TEK©- designed with a dual ultra-filter for smooth inhalation along with a double valve for easier breaths. Perfect for use during jogging, biking, skating and other non-contact workouts. It features a demists for those that wear glasses as well as Velcro straps for a secure fit during activities.

Protective Face Masks

The innovative reusable, washable, personal protective face masks were developed for this new age of pandemics. You can take an extra step in protecting yourself. The Personal Protective Face Mask provides an extra shield to filter out unwanted particles with every breath you take. While following all the recommended protocols of social distancing, isolation and quarantine, the Coronavirus Face Mask provides extra peace of mind when you must do essential chores or exercise.

Protect yourself in these uncertain times with a with a personal, reusable, washable, filtration, face mask, for every day living along with nighttime stargazing.